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Kinase Inhibitor Supplier | PIK-93

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| PIK-93

Prof Andrew Wilks PhD is a founder and Executive Chairman of Synkinase's parent company, SYN|thesis med chem. He has been actively engaged as a scientist in pharmaceutical drug discovery for three decades, including as founder and CSO of Cytopia, an Australian publicly-listed drug discovery company engaged in cancer and inflammation R&D, focused on kinase inhibitors. Prior to Cytopia, Prof Wilks was an accomplished academic scientist at the Ludwig institute for Cancer Research in Melbourne where he discovered the JAK kinases and over the years has published one book, around 100 peer reviewed publications, and 50 US patents or patent applications. His work on the JAK kinases has been highly cited and he continues to be an invited speaker at international scientific and medical symposia. Prof Wilks is a member of the scientific advisory board of several biotech companies, is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University, and in 2007 was elected to the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering (ATSE).

Dr Xian Bu is the founding Managing Director of SYN|thesis med chem and is based in Shanghai where he leads SYN|thesis's synthetic and medicinal chemistry team. Dr Bu also oversees all synthetic chemistry and technical support functions for Synkinase. Dr Bu previously served as Vice President for the China-based chemistry services company, Syncores, and was a Senior Drug Discovery Scientist at Cytopia working with Prof Wilks. He is an accomplished synthetic chemist and has been involved in drug discovery research for many years and has an outstanding track record in the design and development of small molecule drugs for oncology and cardiovascular diseases.

Peter Molloy has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He has been the CEO of three drug discovery biotech companies and has led drug discovery teams in the US, Europe and Australia. Previously, he was General Manager or Managing Director of several pharmaceutical businesses including Pharmacia Australia, Faulding Medical Products and Selby Scientific and Medical. Until July 2010, Peter Molloy was head of Synthesis Med Chem USA, Inc, the California-based US subsidiary of SYN|thesis med chem. He holds a BS in biochemistry and microbiology and an MBA. Peter brings considerable professional R&D management, systems and marketing expertise to Synkinase.

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